SMCS has joined had with European company GEA-EGI Engineering & Contracting company for providing long term solution for High Concentration Slurry Disposal System (HCSD).

Key Advantage SMCS HCSD System:

  1. Simple and reliable to operate
  2. Wide range of control (also at partial load)
  3. Continuous, trouble-free operation for over 4000-8000 hours between overhauls
  4. Low operational and maintenance costs over the full technical life-time
  5. System life - time over 15 - 20 years
  6. Optimum water usage, low electrical power consumption, small pipeline diameters
  7. In addition to fly ash (FA) and water, also bottom / bed ash (BA) - up to particle size of 15-25 mm (3/4” – 1”), waste waters can be utilised by the system and disposed of in a safe way


For tourblefree transportation of slurry through pipelines, only homogenous slurry can be pumped which can not be obtained from mixing of ash with water through traditional paddle mixers.

If the appropriate homogeneity is ensured, all the advantages of pumping through pipelines can be exploited from transporting large particles, through low maintenance cost and power demand, long pump life-time to the even quality of the deposited material.


In addition to that, the effective mixing is favours chemical reaction in the slurry which also has important positive impact on the final quality of the deposited, stabilised dense slurry in the ash-field.

Homogenous dense slurry deposits have the achievable highest compressive strength and lowest hydraulic conductivity among the competing technologies, if the same feedstock materials are considered. As a consequence, the disposal site is characterized by dry, solid, surfaces with no fugitive dust, low leachate rates with authority accepted leachate quality, easy maintenance and operation.