SMCS Offers three (3) types of bottom ash handling system depending upon the project specific requirement :

Dry Bed Ash Pneumatic Conveying :

For CFBC and AFBC Boilers SMCS has successfully shown its competence in providing solution for conveying of Bottom Bed ash in dry form taking material discharge of ash coolers.

If the elevation allows to install a pneumatic system directly below cooler outlet, we have designed our pneumatic equipment with air saver technology to convey the course material up to silo without being blocked/chocked during the conveying cycle. In case the elevation is not enough we offer SMCS design chain grate conveyor to collect the material into the intermittent hopper and by installing a dense phase system.

SMCS Drag Chain Conveyors are commercial machines designed to heavy solid particles of bed ash.The design of the machines allows for conveying horizontally and conveying on an incline up to 15 degrees (according to application). All machines are selected according to client's material and plant layout.

The heart of the machine is the use of case hardened round link chains, driven by hardened sprockets.One strand of chain is used with hardned flights to convey the material.The casing is steel plate with a painted or galvanised finish. Lengths and angles are to suit client's plant layout requirements.

Submerged Bottom Ash Conveying:

For Multi-fuel fired traveling grate type boilers SMCS provide solutions for handing bottom ash through water submerged chain/belt conveyors. In these kind of conveyors such type of material is being handled where the lump size is more than 50mm and 50-60% unburned particles are coming in red hot form from boiler furnace.

Schematic diagram is as shown under for demonstration purpose. These kind of conveyors are most commonly used in Sugar and Paper industry.

Lean Slurry Bottom Ash Conveying :

Lean slurry system are still being used in most of the thermal power plant where water availibity is easily available and water recovery system can be offered along with lean slurry system. Lean slurry system is being handled through double volute centrifugal pumps which are proven for handling coarse ash slurry at low pressure.