We being group of professionals understand that for successful operation of system, it needs to be constantly monitored and a well planned strategy for operation and keeping equipments in healthy condition.

The performance of plant and equipment depends on how we operate under different working conditions and how we maintain it with periodical maintenance schedule.

We at SMCS being a technology oriented company always emphasis on constantly monitoring of the system.

Our team of experienced professionals of the industry keeps on reviewing the system performance at different characteristics based on various parameters developed internally.

We keep track of the problems faced in past as well as present so that it is not repeated in future.

Our core team members of Operation and maintenance devision consists veterans of industry who invested their whole life monitoring these systems and giving our customers hassle free operation.

We always believe that experienced person shall be in a better position to understand the behavior of different equipment of the system and troubleshooting them as and when required. With this we avoid breakdowns occurring in the system during operation.

Our Operation and maintenance team is well conversant with the intricacies of Ash Handling System wet & dry being installed in the power plants by various agencies. This being the reason that we are at home in operating the ash handling system installed any reputed agency.

High Concentration Slurry Disposal System (HCSD) with a unique German Technology has been installed being operated by us. Since we are the designer and supplier of HCSD system, operation of the same is not new to us.